Rune Soldiers

Sacred Stone Monastary (2)

We traveled back to the Sacred Stone Monastary but before we got there we came across a tent surrounded by zombies and decided to investigate. It was Hamen Kost, the necromancer! We defeated him and all his zombies. We just had a bad feeling about him. Krathus really doesn’t like necromancers. When we went back to the monastary we unlocked a magically sealed door that we had found from before. There was a nasty guy in there we suspect is a wraith or vampire. We tried to engage but he gave us an opportunity to retreat and we took it. I think he would have had us for lunch. He talked to us a bit though and we gleamed from what he said that he (the vampire from Sacred Stone) is in an alliance with the Knights of Samular from Summat Hall. While we were there we entered a crypt. There were some nasty zombies in there but after we dealt with them we looked around and found a crypt with some writing on it: “Kardune, Defender of the North”. We killed Qarbo and threw him in the pit with the Umber Hulk minus his pants. The Lich talked to us before we left and said that he would not let anyone but us enter the Sacred Stone Monastary.


crazybear kristendill84

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