Rune Soldiers

Sacred Stone Monastary

The next morning they take us to the other side of the canyon. We travel a full day and that evening of the next day. We saw an armed patrol of six people riding through the hills. They were the Knights of Semular from Summat Hall. They wished for us to join them for dinner. We talked for a while and they left to spend the night at one of their outposts. We approached the Monastary at midday. Noone was in sight. The place was earily quiet. We walked around the dirt path outside of the monastary and found a small door on the north side, a locked door near the garden, and a door near a crumbling wall to the west. Layla tripped the lock to the last door and we entered through there. Tow monks attacked us in the first room we entered. They would not say a word to us. The room was filled with brandy casks (there may have been a following incident envolving these and fire). We found a key in the second room and some good treasure. We listened to a room that sounded like a lot of men were in it, fighting. We decided to enter the room where the fighting monds were in the hopes that we can appear non-threatening and communicate, after all our task is to investigate only. We see a symbol in the wall that looks like a triangle with a half mark on the bottom inside. There is a woman sparring with a monk as we enter. She is fast and looks to be a very good fighter. She says” Don’t stand in the doorway, Come in!” She is wearing a strange mask that hides her features. Krathus enters into a sparring match with the woman. She seems to think we are recruits and we have yet to say anything because of the strange silence of the monks who fought us before. She attacked me when I healed Krathus. We defeated her in earnest and killed the four recruits in the room with her. We tried to question her, but she was mean and would not give us any information. So I drew my rapier and stabbed her through, killing her. I hate having to do that. We did find another key on her, so we have 2 keys now. We eventually came upon a hall where there was a man by the altar. There were two guardians. He was the first monk we came across that would talk to us and he seemed friendly. His name is Qarbo. He seemed like he was in need of a rescue and pointed to where his enemies were. We began to descend the staircase where he said his attackers were and he pulled a lever that turned the stairway into a huge slide which dumped us into a great pit with an Umber Hulk in it. So much for trusting Qarbo, we fell for his tricks! We took some damage but we defeated the Umber Hulk much to Qarbo’s surprise. I hope he’s shaking now! We found where there were some dwarves; they appear that some of them are from the delegation. They were being held prisoner by these no good monks. One of our keys work to free them, but they tell us of two more who are being held in another cell, Runedorth and Teresil. We recognize the names as being from the Mirabar Delegation as well. We must find a man named Jarith and get the key to their cell and free them. Brundenthar is in the cell and talked to us. We found Jarith and defeated him, grabbing the key. We freed the dwarves and took them straight back to Red Larch. We’re coming back to deal with that dirty backstabber Qarbo though. We also saw that there was a cave in the bottom of the Sacred Stone Monastary that looks vast and it may lead somewhere important. We need to get the Dwarven books from the river pirates. We learned that there was a female member of the delegation that was taken by air cultists flying on vultures. We’ll have to find her.


crazybear kristendill84

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