Rune Soldiers

Feathergale Spire (1)

As we walk four humans with a symbol like an arrow on their suits fly to do intercept us. We beat them easily but we decided to walk up the hill from which they came to see if there are clues as to why they attacked us. We cut the strange symbol off their cloaks to show to anyone who might help us. When we got to the top of the hill we saw a strange tower, very tall to the east. Two men came to us on flying birlds. They told us they came from Feathergale Spire. They seem friendly at first, but they were wearing the same symbol on their cloaks. We decide to go into the sire at the invitation of the two flying men. As we approach there is a moat with a singer drawbridge into the tower. A female human welcomes us to the Fearthergale Spire. We find out her name is Savera Bellabranta. She seems friendly too but we all get the feeling that she is hiding something from us. She invites us to meet their leader. The tower is beautiful, there are 30- 50 people living in the tower, most rich noble men. She tells us that she is a Feathergale Knight. She takes us up to the pinnacle where we meet Thurl, the commander. He’s in his early 50’s, wearing a kingly cloak and feathered mantle. He bows before us. Thurl Meroska, the Lord Commander of the Feathergale Society speaks to us “ There has been evil in the country but we will have to wait until after the feast to talk of it.” He wishes to throw a grand feast in our honor. As we eat he tells us that he would like for us to join the society, but we’ll need to prove our worth to the Feathergale Knights. Halfway through the feast the doors fly open in the grand hall and a man comes in shouting “Manticore!!!” Thurl promises his ring to the one who slays the manticore. We are given rings of animal friendship so that we can ride our own hippogryphs for the attack. We killed the manticore! We chopped off the claws and skinned itto take back as proof. Layla made the killing blow so she received the pretty ring from Thurl. Thurl tells us of the evil going on. The reclusive monks are planning something bad at Sacred Stone Monastary and he thinks they are the ones behind the strange occurances. He wants them investigated.


crazybear kristendill84

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