Rune Soldiers

To Womford and back

The party travels to Womford to investigate the sale of the dwarven books.

Finds Keelboat captain, Shalor. Attempts to be frank, purchase additional books, but he denies that he knows anything of it.

Purchases a ferry ride accross the river… once in the middle, party tries intimidation. Fight ensues, Shalor is captured and taken to the Harpers in Red Larch for questioning. 5 books recovered and delivered to the Harpers.

Reveals location of Riverdeep Keep.

The party decides to travel Feather Gale Spire again, feeling like they might have been used for nefarious reasons by Thurl. After attempting to gain insight, the party is forced to spy on a conversation between Savra and Thurl. Thurl speaks of someone named Eirisy, and of the delegate that they capture and delivered to her. Also reveals that he fears the party is either lying about clearing the Sacred Stone Monastary or is too powerful to be left living.

A fight ensues when they return. A few Feather Gale knights escape. The party discusses whether or not they should take over the Spire/



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