Rune Soldiers

Temple of the Black Earth (1)

We rested in the guard room and healed up after defeating some unfriendlies. We came upon a strange statue with sharp crystals in an alcove to the east. While it is suspicious, it remains to look and act like a stone statue, so we go past it. We ran into a scary guy with snakes for hair! I recognize him as a medusa and we all avert our eyes. I think we succeeded only in annoying him greatly—especially when we asked him where he got his bed sheets and incenuatied that we saw his “glory” and were not impressed. But we realized pretty soon that this guy was as scary as he looks. He retreated and we took the opportunity to fly away! We went back to the Spire and rested up. We colaborated and thought that maybe it was time we picked up another party member. So I looked up Medusas and Krathus and Layla went to town to find someone who will join our group. The information I gathered on Medusas should be helpful. They are vain people who sought immortality from a god. But their hubris turns against them as they live forever. Their own subjects turn to stone. Their immortality grants them great power but they tend to rely on their gaze. Failing a constitution check causes others to turn to stone, sometimes immediately and sometimes over time. Accounts of people using polished surfaces or mirrors to get a medusa to stone themselves exist. Krathus and Layla come back with our new companion, I’m eager to meet them!


crazybear kristendill84

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