Rune Soldiers

Sacred Stone Monastary part II

After returning to Red Larch with Bruldenthar, we rode our new Carpet of FLying back to the Sacred Stone Monastary.

It had been 5 days since we freed their prisoners/mine slaves… They were still ready for us.

As we entered, we encounted minotaurs that they had recruited. Draugurs also

We stomped a mudhole in Qarbo and questioned him.. he was quite crazy and dangerous, so we ended him as a mercy. After clearing the cultists, the lich came to us again.. he stated that the cultist would not be allowed to take hold there again.

We asked if he was Samular, and he appeared sad… if a lich can appear sad. He replied “No….. but well did I know him.”

Still to do:
*clear away the rubble from the basement one level and check what is behind it.
*follow the passageway to the temple of the Black Earth.


crazybear jddill

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