Rune Soldiers

River Guard Keep

Lena Inverse is our new addition. She’s a teifling cleric and she seems pretty nice. I think she will be a swell asset to our party; perhaps we will be bosom friends. We introduce ourselves to her and it isn’t long before we’re on our way to River Guard Keep. I’m anxious to see her skills! On the way, Krathus decided he wanted to pull a Squintz with our new partner. She seemed to fall for it in earnest, Layla and I can only roll our eyes. Surely that water elemental didn’t get him down that low! Dirty gnome. We plowed through River Guard Keep and I must say, it looked so much prettier than our usual terrain. Layla and I are pleased! (must get more wet erase markers). After we take it out, getting much loot and experience in the process, we find a letter describing us sent from Red Larch. We need to find out who sent that letter. We took their leader, Grimjar, captive. We’ll have to question him in the morning,because we need to rest up.


crazybear kristendill84

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