Rune Soldiers

Red Larch and Womford

Back in Red Larch, we went to see Sister Gariella at the All Faith Shrine. She advised us to seek the Drawven books and try to bring back prisoners for questioning. She wasn’t happy we killed Qarbo, but understood. She told us about the druid gathering as well, they are going to Scarlet Moon Hall for a Rite of Passage type thing. We need to go to Feathergale Spire but the books are our top priority. We’re curious what Thurl will think of us clearing out Sacred Stone Monastary. Instead we’re heading to Womford in search of the shady skipper with the books. We went to the docks and it was pretty easy to spot which boat was shady looking. There was a water genasi on board. We talked to him and his name was Sholar. We hire him to ferry us across the river just so that we can talk to him. He attacked us when we questioned him about the books. After we defeated him and his three men, we found the books and a chart showing where River Guard Keep is. Being a Lore bard and knowing Dwarven, I read the books and found that they were a historical account of the Delzonn Clan. Learning from our mistake with Qarbo, we took Sholar back alive to Sister Gariella, minus his pants. We’ll let them question him for more information.We saw two hill giants on the way back and when they attacked us, we took them out. We learned from Sister Gariella that we have recovered all the books they were looking for, go us!


crazybear kristendill84

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