Rune Soldiers

Red Larch

Bruldenthar wants Dwarven history books. We have two, one from Glass Staff and one we bought off a traveling merchant named Indrith. He told us about a sea captain he bought it from that had more. We’ll have to look into that. Another merchant, Thorisk, told us about a druid gathering. We headed out of Red Larch toward Sumber Hills keeping in mind all the strange things Kaylessa, from the inn, told us about. We’re looking for Irdin and strange activities. We’re hoping to find the delegation but we may find the druid gathering or the four graves Larman told us about at the tavern. We need to go to Womford to talk to the skipper that Valevo told us about when we bought that book, but we’ll have to wait til later.


crazybear kristendill84

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