Rune Soldiers

Feathergale Spire (2)

Now we’re off to Feathergale Spire. Savera greets us as we enter. She is curious about what we have been up to and is very persistant in wanting us to join the Feathergale Knights. But we came here to talk to Thurl. He is delighted at our news and seems interested in allowing us to join their ranks. We decide to postpone joining the Knights until we know more about them. We followed Savera without her knowledge and spied upon a conversation between Savera and Thurl. This is what we overheard “Arrissa is going to be pleased.” They know we are suspicious of them and Savera seems to take up for us. Thurl ignored her advice and order our execution! Krathus told us we are in danger at Feathergale. But too late, Thurl attacks us before we can leave. We defeated five Knights, a Hurricane, Savera, and knocked out Thurl. We tied him up, stabilized him, and depantsed him. We found a note on Thurl’s desk . A noble woman, who we know to be from the Mirabar Delegation, was captured by Aerissa Karenoth. They are interested in taking out the Temple of the Black Earth. We assume that this is the cave beneath the Sacred Stone Monastary. Early in the morning, after resting up in the guard room, we questioned Thurl. He was reluctant to answer us so we dangled him over the edge of the spire until he told us more about Aerissa. She is an air prophetess Avariel (winged elf) Queen and the leader of the air cultist. We got Thurl smashed and dropped him off to Sister Gariella at midnight. She seems to approve our methods. We made the Spire our new home and hired guards from Helvar and Megla, our contacts for the Lord’s Alliance at Red Larch. While we were in their shop they requested that we take out the brinigades who are harrashing the merchants ships on the river. It sounds like they may base out of River Guard Keep. We took the guards back to Feathergale Spire and looked around there a bit more. We went up to the top of it and found a looking glass there. We looked through it. At the other end of the canyon (Knifepoint Gulley) we saw a hooded figure entering a secret door. We think that may be tied to Aerissa, but we’ll have to look into that later. We headed for the Temple of the Black Earth. After we got in and defeated a few foes, we realized that we may have to leave.


I think the cave we saw at Knifepoint Gulley could be the entrance to the air dungeon.

Feathergale Spire (2)
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