Rune Soldiers

River Guard Keep

Lena Inverse is our new addition. She’s a teifling cleric and she seems pretty nice. I think she will be a swell asset to our party; perhaps we will be bosom friends. We introduce ourselves to her and it isn’t long before we’re on our way to River Guard Keep. I’m anxious to see her skills! On the way, Krathus decided he wanted to pull a Squintz with our new partner. She seemed to fall for it in earnest, Layla and I can only roll our eyes. Surely that water elemental didn’t get him down that low! Dirty gnome. We plowed through River Guard Keep and I must say, it looked so much prettier than our usual terrain. Layla and I are pleased! (must get more wet erase markers). After we take it out, getting much loot and experience in the process, we find a letter describing us sent from Red Larch. We need to find out who sent that letter. We took their leader, Grimjar, captive. We’ll have to question him in the morning,because we need to rest up.

Temple of the Black Earth (1)

We rested in the guard room and healed up after defeating some unfriendlies. We came upon a strange statue with sharp crystals in an alcove to the east. While it is suspicious, it remains to look and act like a stone statue, so we go past it. We ran into a scary guy with snakes for hair! I recognize him as a medusa and we all avert our eyes. I think we succeeded only in annoying him greatly—especially when we asked him where he got his bed sheets and incenuatied that we saw his “glory” and were not impressed. But we realized pretty soon that this guy was as scary as he looks. He retreated and we took the opportunity to fly away! We went back to the Spire and rested up. We colaborated and thought that maybe it was time we picked up another party member. So I looked up Medusas and Krathus and Layla went to town to find someone who will join our group. The information I gathered on Medusas should be helpful. They are vain people who sought immortality from a god. But their hubris turns against them as they live forever. Their own subjects turn to stone. Their immortality grants them great power but they tend to rely on their gaze. Failing a constitution check causes others to turn to stone, sometimes immediately and sometimes over time. Accounts of people using polished surfaces or mirrors to get a medusa to stone themselves exist. Krathus and Layla come back with our new companion, I’m eager to meet them!

Feathergale Spire (2)

Now we’re off to Feathergale Spire. Savera greets us as we enter. She is curious about what we have been up to and is very persistant in wanting us to join the Feathergale Knights. But we came here to talk to Thurl. He is delighted at our news and seems interested in allowing us to join their ranks. We decide to postpone joining the Knights until we know more about them. We followed Savera without her knowledge and spied upon a conversation between Savera and Thurl. This is what we overheard “Arrissa is going to be pleased.” They know we are suspicious of them and Savera seems to take up for us. Thurl ignored her advice and order our execution! Krathus told us we are in danger at Feathergale. But too late, Thurl attacks us before we can leave. We defeated five Knights, a Hurricane, Savera, and knocked out Thurl. We tied him up, stabilized him, and depantsed him. We found a note on Thurl’s desk . A noble woman, who we know to be from the Mirabar Delegation, was captured by Aerissa Karenoth. They are interested in taking out the Temple of the Black Earth. We assume that this is the cave beneath the Sacred Stone Monastary. Early in the morning, after resting up in the guard room, we questioned Thurl. He was reluctant to answer us so we dangled him over the edge of the spire until he told us more about Aerissa. She is an air prophetess Avariel (winged elf) Queen and the leader of the air cultist. We got Thurl smashed and dropped him off to Sister Gariella at midnight. She seems to approve our methods. We made the Spire our new home and hired guards from Helvar and Megla, our contacts for the Lord’s Alliance at Red Larch. While we were in their shop they requested that we take out the brinigades who are harrashing the merchants ships on the river. It sounds like they may base out of River Guard Keep. We took the guards back to Feathergale Spire and looked around there a bit more. We went up to the top of it and found a looking glass there. We looked through it. At the other end of the canyon (Knifepoint Gulley) we saw a hooded figure entering a secret door. We think that may be tied to Aerissa, but we’ll have to look into that later. We headed for the Temple of the Black Earth. After we got in and defeated a few foes, we realized that we may have to leave.

Red Larch and Womford

Back in Red Larch, we went to see Sister Gariella at the All Faith Shrine. She advised us to seek the Drawven books and try to bring back prisoners for questioning. She wasn’t happy we killed Qarbo, but understood. She told us about the druid gathering as well, they are going to Scarlet Moon Hall for a Rite of Passage type thing. We need to go to Feathergale Spire but the books are our top priority. We’re curious what Thurl will think of us clearing out Sacred Stone Monastary. Instead we’re heading to Womford in search of the shady skipper with the books. We went to the docks and it was pretty easy to spot which boat was shady looking. There was a water genasi on board. We talked to him and his name was Sholar. We hire him to ferry us across the river just so that we can talk to him. He attacked us when we questioned him about the books. After we defeated him and his three men, we found the books and a chart showing where River Guard Keep is. Being a Lore bard and knowing Dwarven, I read the books and found that they were a historical account of the Delzonn Clan. Learning from our mistake with Qarbo, we took Sholar back alive to Sister Gariella, minus his pants. We’ll let them question him for more information.We saw two hill giants on the way back and when they attacked us, we took them out. We learned from Sister Gariella that we have recovered all the books they were looking for, go us!

Sacred Stone Monastary (2)

We traveled back to the Sacred Stone Monastary but before we got there we came across a tent surrounded by zombies and decided to investigate. It was Hamen Kost, the necromancer! We defeated him and all his zombies. We just had a bad feeling about him. Krathus really doesn’t like necromancers. When we went back to the monastary we unlocked a magically sealed door that we had found from before. There was a nasty guy in there we suspect is a wraith or vampire. We tried to engage but he gave us an opportunity to retreat and we took it. I think he would have had us for lunch. He talked to us a bit though and we gleamed from what he said that he (the vampire from Sacred Stone) is in an alliance with the Knights of Samular from Summat Hall. While we were there we entered a crypt. There were some nasty zombies in there but after we dealt with them we looked around and found a crypt with some writing on it: “Kardune, Defender of the North”. We killed Qarbo and threw him in the pit with the Umber Hulk minus his pants. The Lich talked to us before we left and said that he would not let anyone but us enter the Sacred Stone Monastary.

Sacred Stone Monastary

The next morning they take us to the other side of the canyon. We travel a full day and that evening of the next day. We saw an armed patrol of six people riding through the hills. They were the Knights of Semular from Summat Hall. They wished for us to join them for dinner. We talked for a while and they left to spend the night at one of their outposts. We approached the Monastary at midday. Noone was in sight. The place was earily quiet. We walked around the dirt path outside of the monastary and found a small door on the north side, a locked door near the garden, and a door near a crumbling wall to the west. Layla tripped the lock to the last door and we entered through there. Tow monks attacked us in the first room we entered. They would not say a word to us. The room was filled with brandy casks (there may have been a following incident envolving these and fire). We found a key in the second room and some good treasure. We listened to a room that sounded like a lot of men were in it, fighting. We decided to enter the room where the fighting monds were in the hopes that we can appear non-threatening and communicate, after all our task is to investigate only. We see a symbol in the wall that looks like a triangle with a half mark on the bottom inside. There is a woman sparring with a monk as we enter. She is fast and looks to be a very good fighter. She says” Don’t stand in the doorway, Come in!” She is wearing a strange mask that hides her features. Krathus enters into a sparring match with the woman. She seems to think we are recruits and we have yet to say anything because of the strange silence of the monks who fought us before. She attacked me when I healed Krathus. We defeated her in earnest and killed the four recruits in the room with her. We tried to question her, but she was mean and would not give us any information. So I drew my rapier and stabbed her through, killing her. I hate having to do that. We did find another key on her, so we have 2 keys now. We eventually came upon a hall where there was a man by the altar. There were two guardians. He was the first monk we came across that would talk to us and he seemed friendly. His name is Qarbo. He seemed like he was in need of a rescue and pointed to where his enemies were. We began to descend the staircase where he said his attackers were and he pulled a lever that turned the stairway into a huge slide which dumped us into a great pit with an Umber Hulk in it. So much for trusting Qarbo, we fell for his tricks! We took some damage but we defeated the Umber Hulk much to Qarbo’s surprise. I hope he’s shaking now! We found where there were some dwarves; they appear that some of them are from the delegation. They were being held prisoner by these no good monks. One of our keys work to free them, but they tell us of two more who are being held in another cell, Runedorth and Teresil. We recognize the names as being from the Mirabar Delegation as well. We must find a man named Jarith and get the key to their cell and free them. Brundenthar is in the cell and talked to us. We found Jarith and defeated him, grabbing the key. We freed the dwarves and took them straight back to Red Larch. We’re coming back to deal with that dirty backstabber Qarbo though. We also saw that there was a cave in the bottom of the Sacred Stone Monastary that looks vast and it may lead somewhere important. We need to get the Dwarven books from the river pirates. We learned that there was a female member of the delegation that was taken by air cultists flying on vultures. We’ll have to find her.

Feathergale Spire (1)

As we walk four humans with a symbol like an arrow on their suits fly to do intercept us. We beat them easily but we decided to walk up the hill from which they came to see if there are clues as to why they attacked us. We cut the strange symbol off their cloaks to show to anyone who might help us. When we got to the top of the hill we saw a strange tower, very tall to the east. Two men came to us on flying birlds. They told us they came from Feathergale Spire. They seem friendly at first, but they were wearing the same symbol on their cloaks. We decide to go into the sire at the invitation of the two flying men. As we approach there is a moat with a singer drawbridge into the tower. A female human welcomes us to the Fearthergale Spire. We find out her name is Savera Bellabranta. She seems friendly too but we all get the feeling that she is hiding something from us. She invites us to meet their leader. The tower is beautiful, there are 30- 50 people living in the tower, most rich noble men. She tells us that she is a Feathergale Knight. She takes us up to the pinnacle where we meet Thurl, the commander. He’s in his early 50’s, wearing a kingly cloak and feathered mantle. He bows before us. Thurl Meroska, the Lord Commander of the Feathergale Society speaks to us “ There has been evil in the country but we will have to wait until after the feast to talk of it.” He wishes to throw a grand feast in our honor. As we eat he tells us that he would like for us to join the society, but we’ll need to prove our worth to the Feathergale Knights. Halfway through the feast the doors fly open in the grand hall and a man comes in shouting “Manticore!!!” Thurl promises his ring to the one who slays the manticore. We are given rings of animal friendship so that we can ride our own hippogryphs for the attack. We killed the manticore! We chopped off the claws and skinned itto take back as proof. Layla made the killing blow so she received the pretty ring from Thurl. Thurl tells us of the evil going on. The reclusive monks are planning something bad at Sacred Stone Monastary and he thinks they are the ones behind the strange occurances. He wants them investigated.

Red Larch

Bruldenthar wants Dwarven history books. We have two, one from Glass Staff and one we bought off a traveling merchant named Indrith. He told us about a sea captain he bought it from that had more. We’ll have to look into that. Another merchant, Thorisk, told us about a druid gathering. We headed out of Red Larch toward Sumber Hills keeping in mind all the strange things Kaylessa, from the inn, told us about. We’re looking for Irdin and strange activities. We’re hoping to find the delegation but we may find the druid gathering or the four graves Larman told us about at the tavern. We need to go to Womford to talk to the skipper that Valevo told us about when we bought that book, but we’ll have to wait til later.

To Womford and back

The party travels to Womford to investigate the sale of the dwarven books.

Finds Keelboat captain, Shalor. Attempts to be frank, purchase additional books, but he denies that he knows anything of it.

Purchases a ferry ride accross the river… once in the middle, party tries intimidation. Fight ensues, Shalor is captured and taken to the Harpers in Red Larch for questioning. 5 books recovered and delivered to the Harpers.

Reveals location of Riverdeep Keep.

The party decides to travel Feather Gale Spire again, feeling like they might have been used for nefarious reasons by Thurl. After attempting to gain insight, the party is forced to spy on a conversation between Savra and Thurl. Thurl speaks of someone named Eirisy, and of the delegate that they capture and delivered to her. Also reveals that he fears the party is either lying about clearing the Sacred Stone Monastary or is too powerful to be left living.

A fight ensues when they return. A few Feather Gale knights escape. The party discusses whether or not they should take over the Spire/


Sacred Stone Monastary part II

After returning to Red Larch with Bruldenthar, we rode our new Carpet of FLying back to the Sacred Stone Monastary.

It had been 5 days since we freed their prisoners/mine slaves… They were still ready for us.

As we entered, we encounted minotaurs that they had recruited. Draugurs also

We stomped a mudhole in Qarbo and questioned him.. he was quite crazy and dangerous, so we ended him as a mercy. After clearing the cultists, the lich came to us again.. he stated that the cultist would not be allowed to take hold there again.

We asked if he was Samular, and he appeared sad… if a lich can appear sad. He replied “No….. but well did I know him.”

Still to do:
*clear away the rubble from the basement one level and check what is behind it.
*follow the passageway to the temple of the Black Earth.


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